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Win unique mens shirt

Date: 14 Jun 2012

Win a unique man's shirt from the online store http://Jiniy-Shop.Com

1. Like our fan page

2. Share a photo. The photo can find it at the following URL

At 21 June 2012, will choose a free basis of our fans who have liked and sharing photos.

Winner will be posted on our fan page.

Good luck to all.

New Items : Mens Casual Soft Shinning Design Shirts

Date: 11 Jun 2012

We again added new shirts in our store. The shirts feature high quality, designer look, a little shiny, but not intrusive. Ideal gift for you or your friend.

You can find them at the following address:

All our suggestions from shirts section

How a Girl Should Put a Mans Shirt

Date: 31 May 2012


How To Wear a Men’s Shirt is a photo fad that involves taking photos of oneself wearing men’s button-up shirts in a way that resembles a women’s dress. Though first introduced on YouTube as a fashion & beauty tip for female users, the fad has been since adopted by male Tumblr bloggers to ridicule the off-kilter usage of a men’s shirt.



The fashionable practice of wearing a men’s button up shirt as a tube dress has been circulating on YouTube as early as in 2008, with the earliest known upload “Be Creative With: Men’s Shirt” dating back to November 10th, 2008. Dozens of similar “how-to” videos were subsequently uploaded by other YouTubers from 2009 to 2011, which were picked up by fashion blogs across Tumblr and Blogspot. However, the most viewed instance on YouTube wasn’t uploaded until August 25th, 2011, titled “How a Girl Should Put a Man’s Shirt”

New Mens T Shirt By Doublju

Date: 28 Apr 2012

Hello dear customers. Recently we have added new T shirts with short and long sleeves to our catalog. T shirts feature a unique design and quality of designer brand Doublju. We strive to offer quality products to a higher level. We hope you stay happy.

Look in the section and make your choice.

Jiniy-Shop.Com Staff


mens t shirt, doublju t shirt, mens casual t shirt

Doublju Mens Fashion Style Online

Date: 15 Apr 2012

Doublju is a Korean brand of fashion clothing. Established in 2008, fast evolving and imposing the market worldwide.
Doublju has great style of fashionable mens clothing - shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, coats, jackets, accessories. It is characterized by extremely high quality but cheap clothes which any ordinary person can afford to buy.

More and more people around the world to affirm the incredible style and quality Doublju items.

We offer a wide variety of items, also we strive to maintain a high level of service our customers leave satisfied.

New products

Date: 03 Apr 2009

We have in stock new products. Choose from our large inventory of high quality items.

Store Is Open

Date: 21 Mar 2009

The store is ready. We are proud with what has been accomplished!
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